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Crawl Space Restoration

There can be many things going on under a house, some which you might not know about. We take our time while inspecting your home and will let you know of anything that needs to be repaired and/or treated.

Crawl space services we provide:

Rodent & Wildlife control
Rodent & Wildlife exclusion
Disinfect & decontaminate crawl space
Crawl space repairs:
- Remove all debris from crawl space
- Remove old vapor barrier and install a new one to code
- Remove any damaged insulation
- Repair any rusted or missing vents

What to expect when we inspect your crawl space:

- We will check for any water pooling under the house
- We inspect insulation and your current vapor barrier and can provide an estimate or refer you to a contractor if work needs to be perfomed
- We inspect plumbing and electrical lines in the crawl space and can refer you to a company if work is needed
- We document all vents and entry points for rodents and wildlife
- We evaluate rodent, small animal intrusion and any visible damge
- We inspect all wood for termite and signs of insect activity
- We will give you a repair & restoration plan which may include removing moisture, sealing access points and vents, treatments, repair or replacement of insulation and vapor barrier and can refer you to any contractors or companies that may be needed.

We are confident in our guaranteed services to address your needs. Please call us today for a free onsite consultation at: (888) 881 7333

Call Today:888-881-7333

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