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How to Safely and Effectively Control Moles
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Moles "swim" through soil, often near the ground surface in search for worms, insects, and other foods. In doing so, they damage plants by disrupting their roots. Their burrowing habits disfigure lawns and parks, destroy flower beds, tear up the roots of grasses, and create havoc in small garden plots. They may also be a hazard to livestock as they create holes and tripping hazards.

Our video is demonstrated by a pest control technician with over 20 years experience controlling moles and teaching mole preventative techniques on a commercial and residential level.

Step by step our video demonstrates:

* How to immediately put a stop to the damage
* What types of control methods are the most effective
* What types of traps work best and how to properly set them
* How to understand the moles runways
* Where and how to safely set the traps
* Prevention techniques that really work
* Guaranteed long term maintenance plans
* How to restore the damaged lawn

This proven program will assist you in keeping and maintaining a healthy, mole free lawn.

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