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Cockroach Control 101
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The cockroach is the most commonly seen and successful specie, infesting many businesses and homes through out North America. Improper control methods can produce an extremely tolerant and pesticide resistant roach. German cockroaches can be extremely difficult to control and almost always require professional expertise, until now.

Our easy to follow tutorial demonstrates the complete process from inspection to eradication of a typical roach infestation. We explain what materials to use, how to apply them and where to get them. Save hundreds or maybe even thousands of dollars by watching our pest control video and doing it yourself.

Our video tutorial is also a great training tool for new pest control technicians.
Step by step our video shows:

* How to properly inspect for roaches.
* Proper tools and techniques used for a cleanout.
* How to prepare for a cleanout (commercial and residential).
* How to effectively treat all areas of a kitchen and appliances.
* What materials to use and where to purchase them.
* How to effectively use IGR's (growth regulators).
* Safety precautions.
* Cockroach biology and life cycle.
* Much more.
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