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Spider & Crawling Insect Control 101
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Spiders are the most common and frightening nuisance pest affecting homes and businesses in the United States and Canada. Spiders are also the most common biting insect, causing many people painful bites every year.

Spiders are commonly found in crawl spaces, basements and garages. Typically, the largest spider populations are in sub-area crawl spaces, under homes, and decks. Common places to find spiders outdoors are wood piles and stored debris. Spiders can be found nesting anywhere their living conditions are met.

Our video demonstrates:

* Methods used by professional pest control technicians.
* What products are best and where to get them while saving you money.
* What parts of your home to treat and inspect.
* Signs and evidence of an infestation.
* Where and how to apply the materials properly.
* Preventative techniques.
* Much more.

Controlling spiders and crawling insects can be a real difficult task to overcome, requiring special techniques as well as certain materials to fully eliminate the problem. Save money by treating the problem yourself rather than hiring an exterminator which would cost hundreds of dollars. Eliminate the problem as well as rid the discomfort in your home for you and your family.

If you have an infestation of spiders and/or other nuisance crawling insects, this video is a must.

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