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At Eradipest, we specialize in all types of industrial businesses such as airports, power plants, sanitation sites, factories, etc. Not only do we take special precautions for our clients, but we also ensure the well being of our environment with our environment friendly practices. We've been serving the community for over 30 years and we are confident to offer a pest solution for all scenarios.

Pest Control Services

Residential: Control and prevention of insects and other nuisance pests in homes, rentals, apartments, condominiums, etc.

Commercial: Control and prevention of insects and other nuisance pests in schools, hotels, restaurants, banks, hospitals, etc.

Industrial: Control and prevention of insects and other nuisance pests in airports, factories, power plants, sanitation sites, etc.

Rodent & Wildlife control

Rodent & Wildlife exclusion
Disinfect & decontaminate crawl space
Crawl space repairs:
- Remove all debris from crawl space
- Remove old vapor barrier and install a new one to code
- Remove any damaged insulation
- Repair any rusted or missing vents

Services: Vegetation Management Programs

Agricultural Weed Control: Control and prevention of weeds in agricultural crops and forest environments.

Right-of-Way Weed Control: Control of weeds in cities, counties, state and federal roads and/or highways, railroads, power lines, and irrigation ditches; and industrial sites such as airports, industrial parks and large parking areas.

Aquatic Weed Control: Control of aquatic pests (fish, insects, weeds) in water areas including but not limited to canals, rivers, streams, lakes, ponds, marshes and water supply pipelines.

Turf & Ornamental Weed: The control of weeds (and moss) in all ornamental and turf situations, which includes but is not limited to golf courses, parks, schools, lawns, yards, gardens, and hospitals.

Bundle your services with us and save yourself time and money. Our commercial pest control services include free inspections and written proposals. We offer competitive pricing, multiple location discounts, WDO Reports, sanitation reports, and site monitoring logs.

Inspections: Real estate Inspections and WDO Reports

Washington State RCW 15.58.030(4) defines a Wood Destroying Organism inspection as being: "For the purpose of determining evidence of infestation, damage, or conducive conditions as part of the transfer, exchange, or refinancing of any structure in Washington state."

Eradipest technicians are state certified in WDO inspection and reporting. Our team will perform WDO Reports quickly and accurately. A WDO report is $300.00 plus tax.

Please contact us for further information and/or questions you may have.

Pest Sanitation Inspections: Commercial & Residential

We provide sanitation reports for both commercial and residential accounts for various purposes. Sanitation reports are typically requested by landlords, property managers, restaurants, etc.

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