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Nuisance Animal Control 101
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Our video demonstrates the fundamentals of nuisance animal control, while focusing mainly in the urban setting. Our video teaches you how to control a wide variety of nuisance animals along with the many control methods that are used by professional pest control companies.

Our video explains how to control the following animals:

* Rats and mice
* Raccoons
* Moles
* Skunks
* Oppossums
* Squirrels and chipmunks
* Mountain beaver
* Barn swallows, pigeons and starlings

You will learn the following from our video:

* What trapping methods work best and what situations are appropriate for bait
* How to use distraction devices for bird management
* How to protect fruit trees, gardens and crops from nuisance birds
* How to control rodents from the interior and exterior
* How to control moles safely while stopping the damage to your lawn
* Mountain beaver control along with what control methods work best
* How to remove skunks without being sprayed
* How to avoid attracting nuisance wildlife
* Much more

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